Our group has had four papers accepted at the 30th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI21):

  • P. Kouvaros, A. Lomuscio. Towards Scalable Complete Verification of ReLU Neural Networks via Dependency-based Branching.
  • P. Henriksen, A. Lomuscio. DEEPSPLIT: An Efficient Splitting Method for Neural Network Verification via Indirect Effect Analysis.
  • F. Belardinelli, S. Knight, A. Lomuscio, B. Maubert, N. Murano, S. Rubin. Reasoning about agents that may know other agents’ strategies.
  • B. Batten, P. Kouvaros, A. Lomuscio, Y. Zheng. Efficient Neural Network Verification via Layer-based Semidefinite Relaxations and Linear Cuts.

More details can be found on the publications page.